About us

CCTV Finance which is a division of Payless CCTV is an Australian owned company providing a range of security services including CCTV, Alarm and Smoke Security services. We are committed to the provision of superior service that meets the individual needs of each of our clients. Proper Security systems protects your home, valuable and family from intruders and also provides you with peace of mind.

Numerous studies show homes without security systems, when compared to those with professionally monitored systems, are up to three times more likely to be burglarized because burglars are opportunistic by nature and are on the hunt for easy targets.

We offer a payment plan option for your new security solution. You can purchase a system from us and pay for it over time with convenient fortnightly instalments. The benefit of our payment plan is that no matter the amount borrowed, you never pay interest!

Here are a few of the reasons why you may want to consider acquiring your CCTV/Alarm system on business finance.

Opportunity Cost

Sinking your capital into ultimately depreciating assets isn’t a great way to make that cash work for you. Finance lets you keep the cash so you can utilise it where it can make a difference. With cash, ultimately you pay upfront and in full for investments which only return value over time. Why not simply spread your costs in line with your return?

Interest Free

Get the best home security system today and pay over time with zero interest.
Enjoy your purchase now with our safe, simple and convenient payment plans.

Why Us?

100% Quality CCTV Products

We are committed to providing you with only the very best CCTV system products that are certified under the Australian regulation. All our CCTV products come with a minimum of 1 year warranty. So you’ll be free from worries.

We Got You Covered!

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